In a perfect world, our pets would live forever. Unfortunately, their lifespans are much shorter than ours, and so, for most pet owners, the time will eventually arrive when you need to begin preparing to say goodbye to your pet.

End of Life Care and Euthanasia

When a pet’s health begins to deteriorate due to advanced age, a terminal disease, or a serious injury, our veterinarians will work with you to determine the best path for your pet.
If your pet still has a good quality of life – for example, they’re still eating and drinking, interacting with their family, and not experiencing a severe level of pain – then we will likely recommend providing your pet with end of life or palliative care. These are treatments designed to relieve any symptoms your pet might have to keep them comfortable while maintaining their quality of life.
When a pet’s physical condition and quality of life deteriorates, however, the most compassionate choice for your pet might be euthanasia which mitigates suffering and allows your pet to pass away peacefully without pain.
It can be difficult to know when the time for euthanasia has arrived, and we always welcome you to contact us for guidance.

What to Expect When It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

We understand how incredibly difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved member of your family – no matter how furry they are and how many legs they have. When the time comes, however, knowing what to expect can help ease the pain and uncertainty.
Our veterinary clinic has a separate entrance and private patient exam room so that our patients and their families can have privacy and calm while saying goodbye.
Before your pet’s appointment begins, we will talk with you about your pet’s aftercare, explain the process of euthanasia, and answer any questions you might have.

End of Life Care and Compassionate Guidance for Pet Owners

At St. Francis Veterinary Medical Center, we are always here to help guide you through the final months, weeks, days, or moments of your pet’s life. We welcome you to contact our office at any time to discuss your cares and concerns, and we will help provide you with professional and compassionate guidance when it comes to making some of the most difficult medical decisions on behalf of your pet.