At St. Francis Veterinary Medical Center, we place a strong emphasis on preventative veterinary care for all of our patients. Vaccinations, designed to prevent your pet from contracting severely contagious and dangerous diseases, are among the best preventative treatment strategies available.

Why We Vaccinate Our Pets

The primary reason we vaccinate our pets is to protect them from contracting serious illnesses that can be fatal and often have no curative treatment. Vaccinations also protect people, other pets, and wildlife in the community from the spread of zoonotic diseases (those that can be transmitted between animals and humans). For this reason, some pet vaccines are even required by law.
In addition to protecting your pet from suffering painful symptoms, vaccinations are always less expensive than the cost of treating a pet that becomes seriously ill from a contagious disease.

Are Vaccinations Safe for Pets?

Yes, vaccinations are safe for pets. While there is a small chance a pet might have an allergic reaction to a vaccination, reactions are usually minor and rare. Additionally, we never vaccinate any pets without a physical examination and the supervision of a veterinarian.

Which Vaccinations Are Right for Your Pet?

Pet vaccinations are divided into two categories: core and non-core vaccinations.
Core vaccinations include those that are required by law and are also recommended for all pets.
Non-core vaccinations include elective vaccinations that our veterinarian might recommend for your pet based on your pet’s individual lifestyle and exposure risk. These include vaccines such as Lyme disease, leptospirosis, bordetella, Flu and feline leukemia virus.
For example, we might recommend a non-core vaccination if your pet spends lots of time in areas where wildlife is present, travels with you to different regions, or spends time around other animals in boarding facilities, daycare facilities, or dog parks.

Wellness and Preventative Care at Our Veterinary Clinic in East Hanover

We provide our patients with comprehensive wellness and preventative care including vaccinations and parasite prevention.
To learn more about the schedule of vaccinations that is most appropriate for your pet or to schedule a wellness and preventative care appointment for your pet in East Hanover, we welcome you to contact St. Francis Veterinary Medical Center today.